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Communicate with a small NFC tag or a QR code with your target on their smartphone, in the right place, at the right time


What's New on the NFC Planet?

Are NFC tags sustainable or Eco-friendly

You can find sustainable or Eco Friendly tags, but 99% of the tags on the market are not. Ma Balise can provide you with Eco-friendly, biodegradable & recyclable NFC tags. […]


Biodegradable PVC, reality versus the myth of Bio-PVC

In the age of digitalization, Near Field Communication (NFC) cards have become an essential tool for access management, contactless payments and much more. However, with the rise of environmental awareness, […]

connected orientation table

Agoracom: NFC chips in recomposed stone

You want to bring your city into a new era by using innovative technology? Do you have ambitions for the development of trade and tourism? Our partner, Agoracom, a communication […]


Discover Ma Balise’s QR codes at the SITEM exhibition in Paris

The International Exhibition of Museums, Places of Culture and Tourism (SITEM) is a key annual event for professionals in the museum sector. The 27th edition was held from March 28 […]

Women in front of a real estate SOLD sign designed for REAL ESTATE BUSINESS WITHOUT A WEBSITE with Ma Balise NFC tag or QR code

Can you run your real estate business WITHOUT A WEBSITE?

Yes, it’s a good idea most of the time, but if it doesn’t fit your lead generation strategy, you don’t need to own your own personal website as a real […]

Syringe connected by NFC for better product traceability.

NP Plastibell presents an innovative connected syringe based on NFC components from STMicroelectronics This pre-filled syringe, which stores important data on the product and its manufacture, will be presented at […]

mobile phone scanning a QR code on a parcel or a product

Why your products need NFC or QR code

Engage customers and drive sales with connected, efficient and low-cost product packaging If you sell or manage a physical product sold online, you want to increase sales, customer satisfaction, reviews, […]

NFC and QR codes for realtors

The added value of contactless (QR codes and NFC tags) in real estate

Nowadays, we take less and less time to go there to visit a property. Indeed, from home, it is possible to have a lot of information and nothing is enough […]

safety first with NFC tags in industry

The usefulness and importance of Ma Balise for industrial safety.

An accident can happen so quickly. It is a scenario that we do not want to imagine but it is unfortunately a scenario to consider. And when will that happen? […]

QR codes gives data to companies and simplicity for customers

QR Codes Give Customers Simplicity and Businesses Data

QR codes have made a big comeback in the past couple of years because people have been craving contactless menus and transactions. In fact, from 2018 to 2020, QR code […]

QR code

How QR Codes Can Perfectly Fit Small Businesses

A QR code is a type of barcode that any smartphone user can easily scan, using their camera, to be directed to a website, article, or anywhere else the creator […]

Coinbase bouncing QR code on TV screen during final of superbowl

COINBASE’s Super Bowl ad proves that QR codes are more than just injecting recognition

With the correct use of QR codes, you can turn traditional ad formats into opportunities for your own data. QR codes are certainly not a new marketing tool, but Coinbase’s […]

EU-CBEC forum Award for Ma Balise NFC tags and QR code marketing platform

Belgian company ‘Ma Balise’ wins EU Cross-Border E-commerce Award 2021

On December 1, the Belgian company Ma Balise, which specializes in digital marketing, won the award for best innovation at the EU Cross Border forum (EU CBEC), the international e-commerce […]

Book with NFC tag and QR code

QR Code – NFC: Why every book you publish in 2022 should have it

Add QR codes and NFC tags to show your readers additional materials via videos, images or even audio clips.   With the advent of technology, people’s attention has dramatically diminished. According […]

NFC, an ultra-powerful and little-known tool

You may have already seen this logo in the settings of your Smartphone without really knowing what it was. Some told you it was to make payments with your phone. […]

Enhance a visitor’s experience at the museum

Wondering how to increase the visitor experience in your museum or gallery? While visiting a museum, exhibition or art gallery, have you ever noticed the amount of visitors walking around […]

What are the advantages of NFC vs QR Code?

What are the advantages of NFC vs QR Code?

Most of the population today are familiar with QR codes since they are used regularly, they are particularly visible due to their design. They are relatively simple to scan and […]

Share all your links on your instagram bio

How to put several links in your Instagram or TikTok bio?

Whether in your Instagram bio, or that of TikTok, many social networks do not allow you to place several links. This is a problem for many users and influencers who […]

Allow yourself to stop worrying about your online reputation.

Paying attention to your bar/restaurant’s online reputation has become crucial. Online reviews increasingly influence the prosperity of a business. Our solution aims to help you build a good and lasting […]

Contactless Horeca menu – NFC and QR menu best practice guide

We hope to be able to return to the bar, to the restaurant. For the menu, it will be contactless, paperless, and fearless. But with great pleasure. Follow QR Code […]

NFC contactless business card

Digital Business Cards: The Future of Networking

These days, business as usual is no longer business as usual. We adapted hoping that the storm had definitely passed. Whatever happens, the need to diversify and connect with others, […]

How to scan an NFC tag

What type of smartphone do you use? In any case, you must always unlock the screen to be able to read an NFC chip with your Smartphone. Scan an NFC […]

Multi-link QR code

Admit that aesthetically, a poster with so many QR codes, it’s not very beautiful. How about creating a single QR code that would include all these links that the user […]

How does NFC technology become Santa’s helper?

How does NFC technology become Santa’s helper?When children visit the Santa’s Grotto in Blarney Woollen Mills in Ireland, they will get a pre-coded NFC wristband. The information on the wristband […]