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With a small NFC tag or a QR Code, communicate with your target on their smartphone, in the right place, at the right time


Allow yourself to stop worrying about your online reputation.

Paying attention to your bar/restaurant’s online reputation has become crucial. Online reviews increasingly influence the prosperity of a business. Our solution aims to help you build a good and lasting online reputation as well as strengthen your customer relationships. A satisfied customer will rarely take the time to leave a positive review. In most cases it is on the contrary disappointed customers who will leave bad ratings and this can really impact the future of your business. We are well aware of this. This is why we suggest that you provoke these good notes.

No more constantly worrying about the reviews you receive from your customers.

Using contactless communication, we offer you QR codes and or NFC tags to present to your customer at the end of the meal, for example, when you believe that they are satisfied and have had a good time in order to obtain positive opinions on rating sites (ex: Tripadvisor, Google reviews, etc.). Simply scan the QR code or the NFC tag to be able to give a rating on rating sites in just a few seconds. The scan redirects to a page on which the various rating sites are listed (see example in the photo below). It is important for us to point out that this page is customizable as desired in mobile format exclusively. Add/remove links, colors, photos, videos, interactive content etc. All this is easily done from our platformMa Balise Nearby.

Did you know that the majority of your customers are willing to leave a positive review if you ask them?

So what are you waiting for? Contactless technology is becoming more and more popular. Scanning a QR code or an NFC Tag does not require any application and only takes a few seconds.

Ma Balise also offers a redirection page for your menu on which the content is customizable as desired in mobile format exclusively. It is possible to insert descriptions, interactive content, photos or videos. The customization is endless. If you want to learn more about online menus using QR codes or NFC Ma Balise chips, we invite you to read the article « Contactless Horeca menu – NFC and QR menu best practice guide ».

As contactless is an innovative field that can seem complex, we are at your disposal for any questions and to support you throughout the implementation. 

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