Ma Balise
With a small NFC tag or a QR Code, communicate with your target on their smartphone, in the right place, at the right time,



Our platform for professionals

Ideal for real estate agents, restaurants, bars, temp agencies, traders, events, art galleries and any other physical site activity.


With a small NFC tag, communicate with your target on their smartphone, in the right place, at the right time, with the message they are waiting for, all without being intrusive!


Thanks to its platform, Ma Balise allows you to create all your messages in an exclusively mobile format using simple templates to complete.

ALL In 1 from our Dashboard

Simple drag and drop page builder

Start your Sales, Marketing, Video, eCommerce, Business Cards, or Real Estate Pages simply by dragging the blocks into place. No need to know html.

QR Codes

Generate an editable QR Code for each of your campaigns.

Deploy & analyze

Deploy NFC tags and QR Code  on site and measure response.

Our platform allows you to add as much tag and QR code as your subscription allows. Giving you absolute flexibility, and not by tag unlike others.

Direct access

Attend your customers to your website.


Do not risk that your customers find your product on the site of your competitors. Guide them directly on yours thanks to Mabalise.

Enter the 3.0 trade era, thanks to Mabalise.

  • Deals

  • Coupons

  • Properties

  • Products pages

  • Business cards

  • Rewards

  • QR Codes

Because today, having a website is no longer enough. Guide directly your customers to your pages thanks to MaBalise.


Our platform for individuals

We Are In Social (networks) is a free tool for creating pages of personal links.

Share links and drive traffic to all your accounts

  • For business cards

  • For social networks

  • For your portfolios

  • Share your links in the Instagram bio


A page with all your links in 3 steps:

  • Order your WAIS tag

  • Create your account, it's FREE!

  • Connect your WAIS tag

Ma Balise and Wais, finally the alternative to Linkree!