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How to put several links in your Instagram or TikTok bio?

Partage de liens dans la bio instagram

Whether in your Instagram bio, or that of TikTok, many social networks do not allow you to place several links.

This is a problem for many users and influencers who would like to be able to redirect their audience to their other social networks in order to access another type of content. For example, being able to redirect your audience to your website and to your Youtube channel.

Wondering how to still insert multiple links in your Instagram or TikTok bio?

At Ma balise, we thought of you and we created the platform (We Are In

Thanks to this platform, you will be able to share a unique link in your bio and this link will open a page with all the links you want to share

You also have the possibility of connecting your WAIS tag to this page and thus sharing, without contact, your links with those around you when you meet them in real life.

partage de liens

A European alternative to linktree

Look no further, you have found the best alternative to to share all your links in one URL

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