Ma Balise
With a small NFC tag or a QR Code, communicate with your target on their smartphone, in the right place, at the right time


The usefulness and importance of Ma Balise for industrial safety.

worker working at height

An accident can happen so quickly. It is a scenario that we do not want to imagine but it is unfortunately a scenario to consider. And when will that happen? Will you be prepared?

In the company, workers are trained in the event of an accident. The latter must, in most cases, remember an emergency number to contact as soon as possible. However, this number is often complicated to remember and even worse, this number can be different from place to place. If the worker always works in the same place, maybe he will remember the number and again, there is no guarantee, but in the case of a subcontractor? How can you be sure that he will perfectly remember the number of each factory he goes to?

And if an accident occurs, what will the workers do if one of them is seriously injured and his colleagues around do not remember the number to contact as soon as possible? In many cases, they risk panicking and wasting precious time.

Ma Balise was born from this observation. If the worker witnessing the scene does not remember the emergency number, he could find himself disconcerted and the loss of time involved in finding the number could be fatal. However, using Ma Balise, you can place an easily scannable NFC chip with a smartphone on top of the helmet. This tag directly opens a redirect page with the essential information and saves crucial time for the good of the injured person(s). Something to reassure the workers. Our NFC tags weigh nothing, it will not change the work of workers but using this device, they can feel a little more secure.

This is why on 02/22 the Ma Balise team met in the old lime kiln located in Ampsin, which was the perfect place to shoot a video clip to demonstrate the usefulness and importance of Ma Balise’s services. The idea of the scenario is very simple. Two workers are working on a construction site when suddenly an accident occurs. One of the two workers found himself on the ground seriously injured. What can his colleague do in such a situation?

situation d'accident

We have therefore decided to offer you two sequels to this beginning of the story. On the left of the screen, a vision of the accident without Ma Balise with a panicked worker who does not remember the emergency number and who therefore has to run to his locker to find it and in the other case, on on the right of the screen, a worker who keeps his composure, positions his smartphone on his helmet to scan a Ma Balise NFC chip placed beforehand. The worker can therefore directly reach the appropriate number while remaining close to the injured person.

Every minute counts! During the scan, the procedure appears directly on his mobile phone with a single click, without contact, where he needs it.

The emergency services are immediately notified, in no time. Time, which in such a situation, is more than crucial! You can customize this page endlessly as you see fit. You can also insert safety tips on the landing page. You could therefore invite your staff to regularly scan the tag to discover, for example, the tip of the day. The scan will then become a reflex and make the reaction in the event of an emergency even faster and more efficient. Why not attach additional instructions according to different scenarios to carry out first aid for example? Insert quick and effective visuals so that the latter can do their best on their own scale when help is already on the way? This is possible with Ma Balise.

Ma balise reinforces the feeling of safety of workers and their managers at the same time.

As contactless is an innovative field that can seem complex, we are at your disposal for any questions and to support you throughout the implementation.e en place.  

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