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How does NFC technology become Santa’s helper?

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How does NFC technology become Santa’s helper?
When children visit the Santa’s Grotto in Blarney Woollen Mills in Ireland, they will get a pre-coded NFC wristband. The information on the wristband is provided by the child’s parent. When a child approaches the grotto, an elf scans his wristband, and Santa’s “naughty or nice” book will automatically update the information about the child, so that he can have a personalized communication with the child.

This solution is provided by Aptriva partner NFC tag supplier RapidNFC, and Aptriva installed.

“In essence, what we have done is to create an NFC-based software solution. When parents register their children for grotto activities online, they need to fill in some personal information about their children, such as favorite teachers, favorite bands, and favorite footballs. The team is waiting for these materials.” JackSage of RapidNFC explained.

“When children enter Santa’s Grotto, they will first meet an elf, who will scan the tag with his magic wand, which is actually an NFC reader,” Sage said. “Once it is scanned, the iPad or tablet in front of Santa Claus will automatically update the information about the child, so when the child comes here, he can see the content of the conversation on the tablet, which will form a better relationship with the child interactive”

Other technologies, such as RFID or even QR codes, can also be used in different forms, but the effect is not very good. You can imagine the scene when they try to scan the QR code.

“This is a very good way, more unique than other cave attractions. When the child enters, he actively talks to Santa Claus about what he wants instead of passive communication in the past. I think this way is better. “

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