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How QR Codes Can Perfectly Fit Small Businesses

QR code light VS supercharged

A QR code is a type of barcode that any smartphone user can easily scan, using their camera, to be directed to a website, article, or anywhere else the creator of the QR code wishes to lead away. However, QR codes are not necessarily of good quality. Indeed, the majority of QR codes are free QR codes that do not allow any customization. The experience for the user is non-existent and they will be disappointed with such a QR code which does not bring anything in particular. In addition, some QR codes only allow one redirect link.

Nevertheless, using a QR code Ma Balise, it is possible to create a simplified and quality QR code that would refer to several redirect links while having the possibility of personalizing the landing pages. This is an opportunity for companies to offer an additional experience to their customers and also to refer using a single QR code to their site, an online conversation or their social networks for example.

Looking around, we can see QR codes everywhere. They are for example in the restaurant in order to see a menu without contact. They are on receipts to facilitate returns and exchanges and much more. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular. QR codes are simple to use, convenient for the creator and the user. To learn more about QR codes, we invite you to read the article Contactless Horeca menu – NFC and QR menu best practice guide

One of the biggest benefits of small businesses using QR codes is that they can be put on just about anything. Let’s see why QR codes and small businesses really make a perfect pair:

1) Customer interactions via direct mail and flyers are seamlessly posted online.

Since some consumers still enjoy receiving direct mail from businesses (like coupons, service reminders, etc.), it’s a good idea to have a way to continue that conversation online. Implementing a quality QR code on your marketing materials makes it easy for customers to reach you. Your Ma Balise QR code could open a text conversation with your business or take your client to an online appointment scheduler or simply direct them to your website. This will facilitate exchanges if you use a simplified and quality QR code. Such QR codes can really improve the experience of your customers and therefore your marketing.

For a better user experience, it is useful to refer to a specific link to the subject treated in the paper support. Ma Balise allows you to create this type of page. The simplified and quality Ma Balise QR codes can be personalized to infinity. You can insert images, photos, descriptions and so many more. All of these options can really improve your customers’ experience. In this story, you are a winner!

2) Keep a QR code on your phone to increase Google reviews

Many consumers leave reviews for a local business when asked, and it makes you wonder how many more consumers would leave a review if it was made easy for them. With a Ma Balise QR code, they can scan quickly to be redirected directly to the right place. One can include a review link on the landing page. It’s not uncommon for customers to say they’ll leave a review but end up not. There could be several reasons for this, but convenience and forgetfulness are certainly among the most common. If your customers can easily leave reviews, it will greatly improve your online presence. Learn more about generating more reviews in our post allow yourself to stop worrying about your online reputation

3) Offer privileges after a service containing a QR code Ma Balise

Offer something like a notepad, goodies or a calendar containing your company logo and a QR code that will lead your customer to a dedicated page that will pick up the exact message you want to convey at that time. It’s a great marketing tool to leave your customers with some sort of handy after-service reward. It’s a win-win.

Small businesses are no exception to those who can benefit from the ease of use of QR codes. Many consumers are willing to spend more for a service that gives them a great experience. A big part of this experience is simplicity. Small businesses should do everything possible to provide a convenient customer journey and Ma Balise is a great way to do that.

On Ma Balise, there are different offers that will certainly meet your needs. You can try our Nearby Nearby platform for free for two weeks. The Ma Balise Nearby platform allows you to create content in mobile format that you can use with the free dynamic QR codes that you generate from the platform’s dashboard. The Ma Balise Nearby platform allows you to create content in mobile format that you can use with the free dynamic QR codes that you generate from the platform’s dashboard. Ma Balise services will allow you to obtain the technology of large industrial groups at the price of SMEs.