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With a small NFC tag or a QR Code, communicate with your target on their smartphone, in the right place, at the right time


How to scan an NFC tag

Comment lire une puce NFC

What type of smartphone do you use?

In any case, you must always unlock the screen to be able to read an NFC chip with your Smartphone.

Scan an NFC tag with an Iphone from the Xs model –>

Comment lire une puce NFC avec un Iphone XS, Xr, 11, 12 et suivants

To scan an NFC tag, simply unlock the screen and then place the top edge of your iPhone against the NFC tag

Watch vidéo :

Scan with Iphone 7 – 8 – X

Iphone 8
Comment lire une puce NFC avec un Iphone 7 – 8 ou X

Iphone with ios 14 update

Iphone without ios 14 update

If your Iphone 7 to X has been updated with ios 14, you will find this application in your device:

Without ios 14

Iphone 7 up to X requires the installation of an app.


Télécharger depuis votre AppStore

Once the app is open, you should see this:

Watch on vidéo:

Scan with Android

Comment scanner une balise NFC avec un Smartphone Android

To start, you have to unlock the screen.

Enable NFC:

Comment activer NFC sur Android
Activez la fonction NFC

If you don’t have this tab:

In “settings” then “wireless and networks” then “NFC”, verify that NFC is activated.

Où trouver NFC dans les parametres du téléphone portable
Activez la fonction NFC

Then, with the screen on, place your Smartphone against an NFC tag.

ATTENTION, under Android, the sensor is not always in the upper corner of the Gsm. Sometimes it is in the center, on one of the sides or at the bottom. When you have found the location of your sensor, it will always be there to scan the NFC tags.

See in video: