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With a small NFC tag or a QR Code, communicate with your target on their smartphone, in the right place, at the right time


NFC, an ultra-powerful and little-known tool

You may have already seen this logo in the settings of your Smartphone without really knowing what it was.

Some told you it was to make payments with your phone. This is not false, but particularly reductive as to the extent of the possibilities offered by this small sensor which equips your device. In this short video below, discover the multitude of uses offered by this technology. I will then explain how and why to use it for your marketing and communication.

As you can see in the video above, it’s very easy to use. After activating the function on your smartphone, each time you use it, simply unlock your screen and place the phone against (or almost) the NFC tag (or chip). And that’s it, the trick is done, the action is accomplished. Connecting to wifi, opening a door, paying for purchases, validating an action, obtaining information, all these things are now accessible in a single gesture.

If all these exchanges are possible, why wouldn’t we use it for marketing and communication purposes?

Let’s imagine, we are visiting the International Exhibition of “everything and anything”. (I’ll let you imagine what can be exhibited at this type of fair.) We wander down the aisles and your gaze falls on an object, a service, a supplier. There, the long-toothed salesman is already ready to jump on you and it makes you uncomfortable. Or better, it’s an interesting product and every salesperson is already busy. You still want information. Luckily, there’s an NFC tag to save you. Hop! You draw your Smartphone and here is the information directly accessible on your small screen. You will browse at your ease the information provided with links to videos, manuals, etc. You are convinced by the product and click on the online order button. Simple and efficient.

Ma Balise allows you to create these information pages, or to offer discount vouchers to your shoppers, to retain your customers with a program that works by simply touching the Gsm. Personally, I use the services of Ma Balise (Linked In) which provided me with a small keychain connected to my business card. In a touch of Gsm, my opposite receives my message and can save my details automatically in his contacts. No more encoding errors for the email address, the name is always spelled correctly and you are sure that the encoded phone number is correct!

In e-commerce, and even in traditional commerce, it is always difficult to convey a post-purchase message. Equip your packaging with an NFC tag and deliver the necessary message or tutorial. With the disconcerting ease of being able to change the message at any time. Are we looking at this in pictures?

Do we take a concrete case? The sandwich shop near the office offers a daily promotion. What a waste of paper posting it in multiple places 3 times a day. With Ma Balise you can offer a coffee in the morning with the purchase of 2 croissants, at noon, change the message and offer a soft drink with the purchase of 2 sandwiches and in the evening we change and we offer the dessert for example. The next day, we take the same and start again. No more wasted posters changing 3 times a day. What a time saver! And nature will thank you for saving paper.

For bars and restaurants, there is no longer any need to change the cards and menus on the tables. That’s finish the a la carte dishes but sold out. Changes are instantaneous.

See the multitude of marketing and communication possibilities offered by this small sensor located in 81% of Smartphones (in 2019) both Android and Iphones!

For those who want to go further, here is the link of my previous article: Marketing NFC, les clés du succès.

If you have any questions about the use, the implementation, the strategy to adopt with the NFC, do not hesitate to leave me a message, I will gladly help you.